The idea that biological systems operate according to Bayesian principles has gained increased interest in recent years. The Lyon Active Inference Workshop (LAW) intends to bring together a large number of scientists who are interested in Bayesian theories of the brain. Active inference encompasses and extends the Bayesian brain hypothesis, offering a unifying perspective on hierarchical cortical organization, embodied cognition and neural function in health and pathology.

During the three days’ workshop, leading scientists will present their work covering theoretical and applied aspects of active inference in neurosciences and beyond. The first day (12 October) will be dedicated to a gentle introduction to Bayesian probability, predictive coding and active inference. The two following days (13-14 October) will be organized around talks addressing different aspects that can be approached under active inference: cortical organization, perception, action, learning, decision making, affect, computational psychiatry, brain-computer interfaces and robotics.

The first day (Wednesday) introductory course on Active Inference will take place at the Amphi ISC. During the two following days (Thursday and Friday), talks will be held at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. 

Registration will proceed on a first-come, first-served manner with priority given to Labex CORTEX and PACE members.

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